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Weekly Fishing Report 2014
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FISHING FOR STRIPED BASS/BLUEFISH 12noon-5pm (Every day) ...7pm-12mid-night STRIPED BASS (live eels) (Every night) STRIPED BASS/BLUEFISH 7am-11:15am (Every Fri,Sat,Sun & Holiday)...

WEEKLY FISHING REPORT: OCT14-OCT19..saw a big improvement with bass each day trip on OCT19 the 7am-11am limited out ...the 7pm-12mid night live eel trips saw very good STRIPED BASS with large STRIPED BASS this week 25/30lbs...on OCT18 we saw pool fish 41lbs 2nd place was 39lbs other bass 18-25lbs all on Live eels (click on our Facebook to see pictures )...OCT13 saw daytime trips STRIPED BASS improving daily with pool fish to 21lbs all caught on clams..7pm-12mid-night saw a mix of STRIPED BASS to 22lbs BLUES to 10lbs and WEAKS to 8lbs caught on both live eels and soft plastics... SEP30-OCT06..Both 7AM-11AM & 12NOON-5PM trips saw Good numbers of a Bluefish to 8lbs and some nice size Striped Bass keeper & shorts ...7PM-12Mid-night is seeming a good run of Weakfish to 8lbs plus a mix of Striped bass to 15lbs & Bluefish to 8lbs...SEP27-29 start of fall season with some STRIPED BASS on both day and night trips with Bluefish and Weakfish in the mix also seeing a lot of bait fish in the waters hold be the start of a good fall season...

LATEST UPDATE: OCT8 12noon-5pm saw the boat limit out with bluefish on jigs ..OCT09 12noon-5pm saw a good showing of keeper STRIPED BASS all taken on clam/clam chum pool fish was a 20lb BASS caught by George..7pm-12mid-night has a nice mix of keeper & short STRIPED BASS to 22lbs plus WEAKFISH to 8lbs & BLUES to 10lbs...OCT10 ..12noon-5pm saw a good showing of keeper STRIPED BASS again all Stripers caught on clam/clam Chumming pool fish was 19lbs caught by Paul...Eddie had his limit of STRIPERS to 15lbs...Both OCT14 &OCT16 & OCT17 saw some nice size STRIPED BASS over 25lbs caught on the 7pm-12mid night trips all on live eels..OCT18 saw again nice size STRIPED BASS pool fish was 41lbs....(click on our Face book page for pictures)....

LATEST UPDATE: Welcome to the Fishfinder II ..2013...largest Striped Bass is a 42lbs 5oz on Fishfinder II... Largest Fluke is 9 lbs 7 oz on Fishfinder II...2014...Largest Striped Bass is  41lbs so far on Fishfinder II...Largest Fluke are  11 lbs 7oz and 11lbs 1oz.. on Fishfinder II 2014...

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