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Weekly Fishing Report 2014
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FISHING FOR STRIPED BASS/BLUEFISH 12noon-5pm (Every day) ...7pm-12mid-night STRIPED BASS (live eels) (Every night) STRIPED BASS/BLUEFISH 7am-11:15am (Every Sat,Sun & Holiday)...Thanksgiving day STRIPED BASS special Nov27 7am-12:30/1pm...

WEEKLY FISHING REPORT: OCT19-OCT26..saw very good fishing 7am-11:15 and 12 noon-5pm trips and 7pm-12midnight with live eels ..on OCT26 saw boat limits of STRIPED BASS both trips 7am & 12noon trips 7pm-12mid night live eels saw STRIPED BASS with both keepers and shorts this week with STRIPED BASS to 41lbs...OCT14-OCT19..saw a big improvement with bass each day trip on OCT19 the 7am-11am with many limits to 23lb..The 12noon-5pm saw the same good results....the 7pm-12mid night live eel trips saw very good STRIPED BASS with large STRIPED BASS this week 25/30lbs...on OCT18 we saw pool fish 41lbs 2nd place was 39lbs other bass 18-25lbs all on Live eels (click on our Facebook to see pictures )...

LATEST UPDATE: ....Both OCT14 &OCT16 & OCT17 saw some nice size STRIPED BASS over 25lbs caught on the 7pm-12mid night trips all on live eels..OCT18 saw again nice size STRIPED BASS pool fish was 41lbs....(click on our Face book page for pictures)....OCT19saw bathe trips 7am-11am & 12noon-5pm saw very good STRIPED BASS fishing on 7am many limits plus the pool fish 23lbs..12noon also saw many limits of STRIPED BASS with pool fish 18lbs both trips bait was clam & clam chumming...OCT20 7pm-12mid night saw Andy with his limit of STRIPED BASS plus others with Stripers 15-22lbs...OCT21 7pm-12midnight pool fish was a 20lb STRIPED BASS caught by Carl all fish on live eels ...on OCT23& OCT24 ...7 pm-12 midnight we saw a nice pick of STRIPED BASS all keepers on both trips all fish caught on live eels..OCT26.. 7am had a boat limit with pool fish 21 lbs..12noon had a boat limit then catch and release Tom boat reg had 12keeper STRIPERS kept limit released others pool fish 22lbs...7pm trip saw good number of Stripers with limits pool was 15lbs.(click on our Facebook page for pictures),...

LATEST UPDATE: Welcome to the Fishfinder II ..2013...largest Striped Bass is a 42lbs 5oz on Fishfinder II... Largest Fluke is 9 lbs 7 oz on Fishfinder II...2014...Largest Striped Bass is  41lbs so far on Fishfinder II...Largest Fluke are  11 lbs 7oz and 11lbs 1oz.. on Fishfinder II 2014...

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