Fishfinder II offers daily fluke fishing trips 10AM-3PM from May thru Sep     from Captree state park NY.  Captree is home of some of the best fluke      fishing on Long Island. Fishing in the Great south bay, the Fire island inlet    and in the ocean, south,east and west of the inlet.  Fluke fishing from May  thru Jul is mainly done in the bay and inlet areas then in Aug thru Sep most  of the fishing is done in the inlet and ocean (weather permitting) calm seas.


 In my opinion Fluke fishing can be fun for the whole family, basic bottom      fishing that kids can just hold the rod and catch Fluke with plenty of short  and keeper fluke plus other bottom fish in the mix from sea robins to sea  bass.Fluke fishing also presents a challenge to the most experience  fisherman looking for good numbers and larger fluke using live  bait,bucktails,jigs,soft baits all require a special fishing skill. 


 Fishfinder II is equiped with the latest fish finding electronics used to  locate bait and the bottom contours. Our captains are all experience with  the area, tides and placing the boat for good drifting positions, all are  fisherman themselves. Good equipment, fresh fishing line and fresh bait  makes for a good fishing trip.

 Service on board our mates will place a rod and reel for you with a hook  and sinker, bait your hook with fresh bait, show you how to use the  equipment get you to the bottom where fluke mainly feed, net your fish  take it off the hook, clean your keeper fluke at the end of the trip.



  The FISHFINDER II offers daily fluke fishing trips May thru Sept