THE FISHFINDER II is a 65ft low profile fishing vessel..both engines are  doubled muffered for maximum quiet...nothing will spook striped bass away is  a party boat at night with loud engines or super bright lights or the shadow of  a upper deck...the capacity of the FISHFINDER is 80 fisherman we limit the  boat to 38 fisherman for striped bass fishing...Our fishing tackle is always  updated both rod and reels and fresh fishing line is a must to land a large  striped bass..

 seasons we fish for striped bass every night 5pm-9pm. (some large bass are  caught at this time) Live and soft plastic baits are used. Most fishing is done  in the bay and around the bridges. (both weakfish and bluefish are in the  mix). The Fishfinder II sails on Thursday/friday/saturday nights 10pm-3am  fishing with live eels these trips also produce large stripers. Fishing is done in  the inlet bay and around the bridges.....IN THE FALL the FISHFINDER II Sails  every night for striped bass with live eels for bait 7pm-12Mid night..when eel  fishing we limit the number of passengers to a maximum of 38 this way  nobody has to fish under the boat..some boats put people on both sides  while eeling this is simply taking you for a boat ride...In my opinion live eel  fishing at night is the most effective fishing for striped bass...our experience  crew has been night eel fishing for many years and the FISHFINDER is the  #1 producer of striped bass at the Captree dock since 2003..

 Captain Walter was an instructor for the national seminar for the Salt Water  Sportsman series 2013 ..Fishing for striped bass...

 The FISHFINDER II offers two different types of striped bass daytime  fishing trips during the fall season every day 12 noon-5pm a five hour trip on  the weekend Sat/Sun 12noon-5pm and a 7am-11am (see below for our daily  night trips) this to suit your fishing needs..
 We mainly fish with clams and clam chumming during the day as well as  eels..bait fishing is done mostly in the bay and inlet areas...then when the  main run of striped bass are on there way down the beachs to there winter  grounds in the Hudson river or Chessapeake bay then diamond jigging in the  ocean with 2 to 6oz silver or gold jigs...In my opinion diamond jigging is the  most fun and effective way to fish for striped bass..Sometimes there are  acres of fish feeding top to bottom 30 to 70ft of water ..birds diving with 20  to 30lb striped bass crashing the surface in my opinion is by the most  exciting fishing you can experience...