Reservations are not necessary to  go fishing on the FISHFINDER  II. However if you do make a  reservation please arrive 1/2 hour  prior to departure. If you not  checked in 1/2 hour before  departure, we reserve the right to  give your spot away.
 Note: on the late night eel trips  reservations are strongly recommend  but not required  '


****The boat return times may vary, either earlier or later depending on how the fish are running (bitting)****



 If you have an online ticket and  the boat does not sail due to weather,  etc. the ticket is available for another  trip on the FISHFINDER II only.Your  Paypal booking will guantee you a  confirmed price and discount only for  one trip on the FISHFINDER II ...also  if you have reservations or Paypal  booking checking in with the crew or  captain of  the FISHFINDER II at least  1/2 hour before departure is required  or your space may be given away....


 For On line PAYPAL tickets for the  7pm12am-night trips a reservation  must be made by telephone 516-287-  3704 and be at the dock 1/2 hour  prior to departure (this reservation is  required due to a boat limit of  fisherman fishing live eels)...mid